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About Stony Brook Medicine

Stony Brook University Hospital has a rich heritage in healthcare, research, education, and community services. It is Long Island's only tertiary care and Level 1 Trauma Center, and houses to a vast array of specialized institutions for both the education and provision of healthcare. Several of these institutions include the Stony Brook Cancer Center, Stony Brook Children's Hospital, the Cristopher Pendergast ALS Center of Excellence, Kidney Transplant Center, the Stony Brook University School of Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, and much more.

This massive collection of facilities often has multiple ongoing construction projects at any given time — ranging from large projects such as the renovation of an entire hospital wing or university library, to smaller undertakings such as the installation of a children's playground. SBUH needed a centralized database to house all of this project information. This database also needed to double as a communication platform for the entire SBUH construction team to stay up to date on their projects.

Projectmates has been able to address these needs in spades. Leveraging this construction program management solution has given the SBUH team has a single repository for all project data, be it documents, change orders, RFIs, or schedules. Through any device with an internet browser, team members are able to gain immediate access to this information regardless of location. This unparalleled level of collaboration has completely streamlined SBUH's construction workflow, allowing it to continue focusing on being one of the best educational institutes and healthcare providers in New York.

About Projectmates Construction Program Management Software

Projectmates online construction program management software for healthcare is perfectly suited for healthcare with its rich and powerful suite of management tools designed for site planning, due diligence, design, construction, and post-construction activities. Stony Brook Medicine utilizes Projectmates to collaborate with owners, architects, contractors, and other core players who drive project success. With its primary focus on the health care sector, owners can leverage Projectmates/Systemates' extensive experience.

Running a more productive and profitable capital program is at the heart of Projectmates. Projectmates equips owners with a Web-based project management software that improves project execution, cuts costs and delays, increases accountability and reduces risks. Real-time financial reports and integration with accounting software enable seamless budget and cost management, including vendor management tied to contract, change order, and pay application routing and approvals. Projectmates technology creates one seamless platform for managing the complete lifecycle of a building and provides a centralized location for project teams to share documents, automate construction management workflow, and so much more.

See for yourself why Projectmates online construction management software suite is the standard by which all others are measured — no other software for health care development integrates more features in such an easy to use format.

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